I some superposition of physicist and engineer, an enthusiastic programmer with hopefully a decent dash of competence, and prone to designing things that I may or may not finish.

I am a graduate student in the Manoharan Group. I work primarily on digital holographic microscopy building and tweaking a number of microscopes, and building Holopy (github) a python tool for working with digital holograms and light scattering. I am currently working on a Bayesian framework for measuring particle positions, size and composition. I am scheduled to defend my thesis this August.

I develop GroupEng (github) a automated group assignment tool for instructors, currently targeted at large engineering classes at universities. It makes it much easier for instructors to follow education research guidlines for assigining groups to support student learning and success.

As is probably evident from my listed projects, I do most of my “professional” programming in python. I have been working on learning Haskell, but have not yet gotten far enough to have any meaningful projects to point at.

This site is generated with Hakyll and hosted on a linode vps running NixOS

I dally various active things at the competent amateur level including hiking, rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, running, weightlifting, and aikido.

I spend much of my also enjoy board games, roleplaying games, and probably spend more time than I should playing video games. I wrote/led the writing of an (roleplaying system) which is fairly rough around the edges, but it worked successfully for a multi-year campaign.